I'm Vasudeva Kamath pronounced as Vāsudēva Kāmat , a Software Engineer from India. I work in Bangalore.

I grew up and studied in city of Karkala which is in State of Karnataka in South India (West Coast).

Free and Open Source software has been my area of interest from long time and I've been contributing to various FLOSS project in my free time, of which most notable is Debian Project.

At work I code mainly in C and as hobby I code in Python. I also know languages like Java, PHP, a bit of Perl, Go, Rust syntactically.¹

I use a lot of Shell scripting and GNU Make in both official and FOSS work. Git is my choice for VCS, I do know bit of Mercurial too. I've worked with SVN also. Emacs is my choice for editor and openbsd-cwm is my choice of desktop (window manager).

Besides coding I also hold Vidwat degree in Hindustani Tabla and I've been teaching it for 5 years (not at the moment though).

Finally this site doesn't track you using any sort of analytics nor provides any way to comment if you have comments consider sending me it over mail, for the details check Contacts page.

¹ (What I mean by syntactically is that give any projects in these languages and the problem statement I can hack on it and solve the problems.)