Posted on Feb 02, 2014 By copyninja under misc

Its been a while and I was not actively blogging. I wanted to start blogging again but I was for some reason not happy with Jekyll static site generator which was powering my previous site. So I took this chance to explore other static site generators and redesign my blog.

I explored a bit of Pelican, Nikola and Frog. I didn't feel comfortable with Nikola. Frog is a static site generator written using *Racket* and since I'm learning Scheme using racket I was leaning towards using it but at the last moment I decided to settle with Pelican. The main reason for not using Frog was that I just wanted to get my site up rather than waiting for me to complete learning racket and use Frog.

My feeling about Pelican is that its a nice tool and is simple and gives all basic things like generating RSS/ATOM feeds and nice theming support. In case of Jekyll I had to write custom page for creating RSS feed and had pain in creating my first theme (yeah I'm not a designer). But now things might have changed in Jekyll land but anyway I don't care anymore.

New design uses pelican-bootstrap3 theme and there is no comment facility available. If you want to comment or suggesting things on my post consider writing mail to me :-).

So what happened to older entries? Moving the old entries from Jekyll format to Pelican was real PITA so I just renamed my old site to blog-archive. So this is a from scratch site and will contain only new entries. So how do you like my new blog design? :-)