Posted on Feb 22, 2014 By copyninja under vehicle

So finally I did it, I managed to ride the 2-wheeler in Bangalore roads!. Officially I've got a license to drive 2 and 4 wheelers back in 2011 but I was never confident enough to ride the vehicle on road and in traffic. Partially this is because I don't own a vehicle and I've never practiced driving, and partially because of road and traffic conditions in India I was bit afraid to do so.

So today morning my roommate and me planned to go to temple in the early morning. We got up at 530 in the morning and we were ready to drive to Mahalaxmi Layout at 615. Since during this time traffic is very less I asked my roommate shall I drive and he agreed!.

So I drove the bike from Malleshwaram to Mahalaxmi Layout and it was fun. I did had hick up in uphill driving as my mind was not co-ordinating well with breaks and gear. I did have hickups in first gear too but I guess this will be alright once I get hold of things.

I'm still not having enough confidence to drive during the peak hours because people are not at all following traffic rules. They just change the lane without any hints or just come to middle of road from side roads without looking at other side to see if there is a vehicle is coming from other side of the road (yes they don't have courtesy to wait). And finally they can shout at persons who is actually following rules. In general very less people have traffic discipline in India. But I will adapt to this once I start driving so I'm now all set to get my 2 wheeler soon and ride on!